Sogumm has captured the listeners’ hearts with her unique style and straight-forward lyrics. She signed with AOMG after winning <SignHere>, the reality competition program hosted by AOMG. Her first full […]


The name ‘DeVita’ is derived from the movie <Cinema Paradiso>’s main character ‘Salvatore Di Vita’ and Argentina’s former first lady ‘Evita Peron’, representing the artist’s desire to inspire and influence […]

Yerin Baek

South Korean singer/songwriter Yerin Baek broke away from K-pop in 2019 to craft intimate R&B with elements of jazz and funk.


Worldwide booking LATE LEE otherwise known as LATE or Joe Lee is a South Korean singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. He is an artist whose music seeks to bridge Korean […]


Worldwide booking GSoul’s is a singer/songwriter whose reach goes beyond South Korea and proves to be influential as he has toured over Europe and Asia. On Spotify, GSoul boasts over […]


Worldwide booking Sik-K is a South Korean rapper who worked his way into the country’s mainstream hip-hop scene with his sing-song rapping style and TV appearances. • He found his […]


Worldwide booking, excluding North America Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, DPR IAN developed a fondness for music and performance at an early age. A childhood fascination with electronic duo […]